A Dental Crown Could Replace Your Unhealthy Filling

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When placed, dental fillings are designed to restore areas of tooth decay for several years, but they can’t last forever. Over time, bacteria levels in your mouth invade the lining of your smile where the natural tooth enamel meets the filling, and tooth decay can develop in the tooth. If you noticed a slightly grayed appearance around the filling, this is a symptom of tooth decay. However, some patients don’t notice any signs of tooth decay until the dental filling has been compromised.

If the dental filling can’t be saved, Dr. Ali Nia may need to replace the filling and tooth enamel with a dental crown instead.

Dental crowns are designed to cover the entire visible portion of the tooth and can created with a variety of materials, such as composite resin or gold. Our dentist will help you select the material for your dental crown based on the location and main function of the tooth.

Before placing dental crown, Dr. Ali Nia will create an abutment to support it by removing the tooth enamel until a post-like structure remains. We will then take a detailed impression of the abutment and its neighboring teeth before it’s covered with a temporary dental crown so that the dental lab can create a permanent and custom-made dental crown.

When the new crown is ready, you will return to Mesa Dental Care for second and much briefer visit to have your temporary crown removed and the permanent dental crown cemented in place.

If you have a dental filling that looks suspicious, is loose, or has been lost, call our office at 480-730-0500 today so that you can receive treatment as soon as possible.