More Affordable Dentistry for Patients in Mesa, AZ

Very few people can afford to pay for all of their dental care out of pocket, but not many people can afford the exorbitant costs of dental insurance, either. Despite changes like the Affordable Care Act and initiatives like the health care exchange, patients are often left to foot the bill of their dental care. Or, they’re forced to settle for mediocre treatment because it’s the only thing their insurance will cover.

At Mesa Dental Care, we believe that everyone deserves easy access to high-quality medical and dental care. Therefore, we’ve partnered with Doctors Network to offer patients throughout Mesa, AZ, a more affordable and direct dental plan.

Why a Direct Plan with Mesa Dental Care Makes Sense

The most notable aspect of our direct dental plan is that IT IS NOT INSURANCE, and should not be used as a replacement for insurance, especially if you already have existing coverage.

The discounted plan that Dr. Nia offers is a monthly subscription that grants patients access to affordable dentistry and all of our dental services at significantly discounted prices. For a low activation fee of $39.99 and a monthly subscription fee of the same price, you can benefit from unlimited preventive exams, X-rays, and cleanings. You’ll also pay significantly discounted costs for all of our other treatment options, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and Invisalign® (clear aligners).

The Difference Between Direct Dental Plans and Insurance

The most significant difference between dental insurance and our direct dental plan is that treatment prices are uniform throughout Doctors Network, and your subscription is set directly by Dr. Nia. There are no insurance companies or middle men to dictate changes in price, tack on surprise charges and fees, or decide that your treatment shouldn’t be covered.

With an easier and more affordable way to pay for your care, you can make your dental health a bigger priority. Because maintaining preventive care is easier, you’ll also be less likely to experience serious, chronic dental issues, or to receive treatment promptly, if necessary.

Experience the Difference of Our Direct Dental Plan!

Learn more about our affordable individual and family dental plans by speaking with Mesa Dental Care today. You can also learn more about Doctors Network by visiting their website at, or by calling 1-866-800-3168. When registering for your direct dental plan, be sure to choose Dr. Ali Nia as your dentist.

More Questions About Our Direct Dental Plan

1. What is Mesa Dental Care’s direct dental plan?

Dr. Nia and our team at Mesa Dental Care are proud to announce that, as a part of the growing Doctors Network, we now offer direct dental health plans to all our patients. As an innovative, more affordable option for paying for dental health care, a direct dental plan is a subscription service that ensures you receive high-quality dental treatments at highly discounted costs.
2. Is the plan really more affordable than dental insurance?

Our direct dental plan is simpler and more affordable than dental insurance in most cases. You can activate your membership in the plan by paying a one-time activation fee of $39.99, and maintain your enrollment with a $39.99 monthly subscription fee. With the direct plan, you can still afford to take excellent care of your smile even if you don’t have dental insurance.
3. How does a direct plan work with my dental insurance?

If you already have insurance, you can still sign up for Mesa Dental Care’s direct plan to augment your out-of-pocket costs for only partially covered procedures. If you need treatment that isn’t covered at all by your insurance, such as teeth-whitening, Invisalign® clear aligners for teens and adults, or even dental implants, then a direct dental plan will kick in to make your treatment more affordable.
4. How often can I attend checkups and cleanings under a direct plan?

Dental insurance typically covers necessary checkups and cleanings, but only up to two times a year. Any additional visits will be your responsibility, even if Dr. Nia deems them necessary to address current dental issues. Fortunately, there is no cap on the number of times you can visit our Mesa dental office, and under the direct plan, your checkups and cleanings will only cost $25 per visit.
5. If I need X-rays, will I be charged extra at my appointment?

The benefit of a direct dental plan is that you know the cost of every treatment you receive beforehand, down to the dollar amount, thanks to a network-wide fee schedule for all treatments. However, intraoral x-rays and diagnostic imaging are a routine part of your preventive care, and when necessary, Dr. Nia will take them at no extra charge.
6. How many people can I add to my direct dental plan?

Every member of your family can sign up for the same low activation and subscription fees of only $39.99—much lower than the costs of dental insurance for the entire family.
7. If I need multiple treatments in a year, will my fees increase?

No, there is no change to your fees based on how many times you visit or how many dental treatments you receive. The beauty of a direct dental health care plan is in its simplicity.
8. Will I know beforehand my treatments will cost?

When you sign up, we will provide you with the fee schedule that all members within Doctors Network adhere to. Treatment costs are already determined, and are therefore more reasonable and manageable than you would expect from a typical dental insurance plan.
9. Does Doctors Network extend to medical coverage, too?

Yes! Doctors Network is group of doctors and dentist who share the same vision of making high-quality dental care attainable for everyone. If your current physician is not yet a part of Doctors Network, then email the network with your physician’s contact information and the network will reach out with more information.
10. How do I sign up for a direct plan?

If you’re ready to sign up for a direct dental health plan with Mesa Dental Care, then visit the Doctors Network website at and follow the prompts to join the network. Be sure to choose Dr. Ali Nia as your dentist in Mesa, AZ.