Could Dental Bonding Help Your Smile?

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Dental bonding earned its name because the composite resin used bonds to the tooth it is placed with. They can be a simple and cost-effective option to repair a tooth that is decayed, discolored, fractured or chipped. The bonding material can be shaped and polished until it matches the surrounding teeth. Bonding can also be used to change the shape a tooth or to lengthen it.

There isn’t really any preparation for you to do, and sedation is hardly ever used unless you’re having a decayed tooth filled. Dr. Ali Nia will determine which shade of resin will match your teeth best. Our dentist will then etch your tooth’s surface slightly and apply a liquid to help the bonding material bond better. The resin may then be applied, molded and polished until the desired outcome is achieved. A laser or ultra-violet light will harden the material. Dental bonding can take 30 minutes per tooth. If you have more than one tooth in need of repair, you may need to make multiple visits.

Substances like coffee, teas or habits like smoking could stain the resin. Brush your teeth often and try to avoid these kinds of products for the first 48 hours following a composite procedure. You should also know that dental bonds are not as strong as your natural teeth. While they could last for several years without needing repair, chewing on your nails, ice, pens or other things like that could chip the resin. If you notice any sharp edges, your resin chips or breaks or something doesn’t feel right with your bite, call Mesa Dental Care right away.

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