How to Spot Gum Disease in Your Smile

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Our dentist, Dr. Ali Nia at Mesa Dental Care in Mesa, Arizona, has exciting news for you! Today, we are happy to share information on how to spot gum disease hiding in your smile, so you can get treatment that could save your teeth! If gum disease is ignored or left untreated, you could be facing increased cavities, tooth loss, and even bone loss! That is why recognizing it and treating it is essential.

Here is how to stop gum disease hiding in your smile:

– Talk to your dentist if you have bleeding gums. Bleeding typically occurs when you are eating or cleaning your mouth.
– If you notice any signs of tooth recession, which refers to your gums receding back away from your teeth, let the dentist know. Gum disease may be the cause.
– Common visual clues of gum disease include pus or sores between your gums and teeth, inflammation, changes in the look of your gums, excessive swelling or extreme tenderness in your gums.
– Bad breath is a known symptom of gum disease.
– If you experience pain when trying to biting or chewing, you may be suffering from gum disease.

Now that you know how to spot gum disease in your smile, if you see any of the symptoms or have additional questions, please call us today at 480-730-0500 to set up an appointment. Our dental team is happy to give you a checkup and give you a healthy mouth.